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Meet the ATM geeks who keep us going

Michael Hern

Michael Hern


Michael is the CEO and backbone of Emerald ATM Services. He is one of the most dedicated, hard working, nose to the grindstone business owners you’ll ever meet, period! And that is one major reasons why EAS is so successful.

He contributes a lot of his success to his military experience. Michael joined the U.S. Army after graduating high school. In the military he learned the skills and discipline needed to be a strong confident man of honor.

After the military, Michael attended college and received his business degree. And after working as a financial officer, sales manager, loan officer, real estate agent and even an MMA fighter, he realized he wasn’t chasing his own dream.

So with the support of his beautiful wife and family, he took a chance to realize his dreams and start his own business (Emerald ATM Services LLC.) And hasn’t looked back ever since.

He is obsessed with all things ATM and dedicates most of his time to learning more about the industry and finding creative ways to reach our customers and provide excellent services.

The success and outstanding reputation of Emerald ATM Services is a direct effect of Michael’s dedication and hard work.

Let Michael work hard for you so you don’t have to.

Zac Miller

Zac Miller


Zac is a young, hungry, bad ass salesman that has over 10 years of sales experience. He cut his teeth as a humble sales rep, working for Williams Wonder Farms LLC (one of Oregon’s premier Recreational Cannabis/Hemp companies). He quickly moved his way up to Head of Sales and logged in over $1 million in sales. Zac help build and grow the company from a small farm, to an established, multi million dollar company.

As CSO of Emerald ATM Services, Zac heads up the sales department and specializes in customer relationships. He finds, builds and keeps personal relationships with our clients in order to get to know their unique needs as a business. He is a living CRM system.

“Communication is key to any successful relationship.” says Zac. “Our customer relationship is what we’re known for. We have the testimonies to prove it. That is one giant thing that sets us apart from other ATM companies. TRUE customer service and satisfaction.”

A good salesman must know what he’s selling and Zac knows his ATM’s inside and out. He is a trained and certified ATM Technician and is familiar with many makes and models.

As a young innovative business owner, Zac is always looking for new creative ideas to make a symbiotic business deal come together, that is beneficial for all parties involved.

So please give him a call or send an email now, so we can start learning more about you and your business.

Lara Murray

Lara Murray


Lara was born and raised in beautiful Huntington Beach, California. She’s married and has 2 beautiful girls. After working in a hospital administrative setting until 2017 she’s been involved in sales and has finally found her fit with Emerald.

Now she utilizes her administration experience and her savvy sale skills as Chief Operations Officer for Emerald ATM Services. She spends her day keeping EAS organized and directing our daily activities and operations. It’s definitely not an easy job but she works hard and does incredible job. She is a key piece of our jigsaw puzzle, and we wouldn’t be complete without her

Eric Berni

Eric Berni

Crypto Division Manager

Eric has an expansive background that includes extensive IT knowledge, customer service, and sales experience. Making him a perfect fit for the digital currency side of our business.

Eric spear heads our Crypto division of EAS. Everything from Bit-Coin ATMs, Block Chain, current government policies, Crypto Wallets and more. Eric knows his Crypto, earning him the name “The Crypto Ninja”.

As you may have noticed, Berni bears a striking resemblance to Mark Wahlberg. But when it comes to Cryto currency, Eric Berni is Marky Mark and EAS is the Funky Bunch.

Emerald ATM Services is leading the way into the Crypto future and Eric Berni is helping us get there.

Jarrod Levesque

Jarrod Levesque

Outside Sales Rep

Growing up as a competitive ski racer Jarrod has trained with the U.S. Ski Team and has won many championship events. His hard work and dedication is a reflection of years of rigorous ski-race training.

Jarrod has many years of sales experience in the ski and snowboard industry. Working along side companies like Burton and Salomon, he has accomplished just as much selling as he has racing.

Now that his days of downhill racing are over, Jarrod spend most of his time with 3 kids and beautiful wife.

But when he’s not getting dragged across the pavement by his wife, or skiing down a black diamond run, you can find him making sales for Emerald ATM Services.

Anthony Torres

Anthony Torres

Sales Representative/ ATM Technician

Anthony Torres is our lead tech support and customer service representative. He handles everything from programming, installing, filling and maintenance of all of our ATM machines. He uses his nerdy nature and tech savvy skills to keep our machines in tip top shape.

When he’s not installing ATMs or assisting customers, he spend his spare time outside in beautiful southern Oregon playing frisbee golf with the bros. Contact Anthony today for an ATM placement or to challenge him to a game of golf.

Jayde King

Jayde King


Jayde King is hands down one of the hardest working women in the biz! If we could make clones of her, we would.

She is currently in enrolled in Nursing school and is expecting a beautiful baby in June. None of this slows her down one bit.

Jayde dedicates her time and energy into keeping our heads screwed on tight by being a jack of all trades. Scheduling, organizing, graphic design, social media, daily tasks and everything in between….Are just a few of Jaydes responsibilities. She is the unseen glue that hold this company together. We’re very lucky to have her on our team.

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