ATM Placement

Emerald ATM Services is a full-service ATM company that provides free, brand-new, state-of-the-art ATM placements to qualified businesses and events.

Source of Revenue

We share a percentage of every transaction made on our teller machines. This means each month, we send out a check to our clients with their percentage of the profits made from our ATMs. You’re making money just by having one of our ATMs in your place of business or at an event. When we make money, you make money.

Increase Foot Traffic To Your Location

We do everything in our power to serve our customers and draw more foot traffic into their businesses. Having one of our state-of-the-art ATMs in your place of business will bring more customers to you, and our proximity Marketing, which uses Bluetooth technology, sends mobile marketing messages to any mobile phone within 200 yards, bringing more customers to your business.

Customer Convenience

Customers love ATMs for convenience. The more services you offer, the happier your customers are. Having an ATM at your business keeps them from having to leave in order to access their funds.

Generate Revenue from Impulse Purchases

Having an ATM increases impulse purchases by 25%. When a customer takes money out of an ATM at your location, they’re that much more likely to pick something up spontaneously and buy it. Additionally, 80% of money drawn from an ATM in your place of business is spent at your business.

Reduce Card Processing Fees

When a customer pays for a purchase in cash, it eliminates the credit and debit processing fees. This means that no longer paying the fees you would have had to pay for using the credit/debit machine for those purchases now made in cash that otherwise wouldn’t have been without an ATM.

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